Church leaders and our staff

Pastor, Reverend Dr. Gregory E. Dawson 

Director of Children & Family Ministries, Janet Brown

Moderator, Mark McCormick  

Deacon Chairman, David Bertagnolli

Trustees Chairman, Dale Melanson    

Treasurer, Donna Decoteau   

Financial Secretaries, Ann Tapply and Donna Tapply        

Church Clerk, Cindy Taylor      

Assistant Clerk, Linda Gagne          

Organist/Choir Director, Tracy Nawskon 

Church Secretary, Melissa Torres-Newman

Church Sextons, Dave Christian 

We owe thanks to the many who served this past year on all our boards, committees, in our Church school, choir, office volunteering, and all who contribute to keep us going.

We are grateful to Tracy Nawskon for her dedication and her inspirational music ministry.

Our maintenance staff is tremendous, thanks to Ray Williams Jr. and Nancy Maxim.